RESTAURANT FAME - experience the natural, authentic and novel flavors of our food, made from Finnish, pure ingredients

In Restaurant Fame, the living room for a friend of Finnish music, you can enjoy high-quality Finnish food. But, the quality doesn’t oblige to stiffen, in our restaurant you can eat casually.

The soul of our assortment is relaxed and honest. Relaxation is the assembly and presentation of traditional food, that surprises. Honesty is that our food is served without unnecessary decorations and toppings.

Our food is exactly what it looks like! We bring ingredients and tastes that might be forgotten or not usually found on the menus. As a guest of the Music Museum you can savour on products that you have heard of, read about or seen during your tour in the museum. The museum’s ideology appears and feels in our assortment.

Music enfolds elegantly our food. It can be seen in the menu, the dishes, the atmosphere, and the service attitude that leans on the fan culture. Music is presented in style and sophistication avoiding redundancy. Let’s do more with more surprising and exciting elements.

”Share the Fame” is one of the cornerstones of our idea. You can order products to share, solo or duo, in half, or even with a beer. Enjoy alone or together, stop by for after work or live show. Our weekdays consist of fresh table-served lunches, after works and dinner settings. On weekends we will take brunch to a whole new level.
We love to party! - Private events are possible in our restaurant.


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Our advance reservation is open!
Feel free to contact us and book your table in the autumn’s most interesting restaurant novelty!

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Tel: 0504757939

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