FINNISH MUSIC HALL OF FAME - a journey to the history, present and future of Finnish music

A modern music museum and gallery of honour to Finnish music is being opened in the Mall of Tripla in the fall of 2019.

The Finnish music and its artists are being displayed in this functional museum that uses current technology in its displays. The museum opens in October of 2019 in the Mall of Tripla in Pasila, Helsinki.

In the heart of the museum is the gallery of honour, where some of Finland’s most beloved musicians and their work are chosen to be displayed. The museum also offers nostalgic journeys to musical memories, musical fun facts and the possibility to participate in music-making, singing and dancing.

The new music museum is an addition to the Nordic chain of music museums. The museums include the Ragnarock in Roskilde in Denmark, the Rockheim in Trondheim in Norway and the ABBA-museum in Stockholm in Sweden. The name of the museum is inspired by the world famous Hall of Fame museums. It invites the visitors to get to know the stars of the Finnish music industry, both world-known stars and locally beloved artists.

All genres in one gallery of honour

The Finnish version of the gallery of honour is unique.

The gallery of honour displays the top of the music industry with everyone from conductors to rap-artists, heavy-metal bands to folk musicians, symphonies to schlager-songs. The museum combines classical and popular music and offers an opportunity to discover new things in an open-minded way”, says the chairman of the board of the Finnish Hall of Fame museum, Mikko Vanni.

The choices for the gallery of honour are made by a committee of Finnish musicians and experts. The committee led by Minister Lauri Tarasti includes e.g. the Union for musicians, music producers, Teosto, Gramex, The Society of Finnish Composers, the Sibelius-Academy, Musiikkiarkisto, Musiikkitalo, Tampere-talo, Pomus, Sulasol, the Finnish national opera, the Sibelius museum, the Finnish folk music union and the union of Finnish music institutes.

Technology creates new experiences

In the Finnish Music Hall of Fame the modern technology plays a big role alongside the pictures and objects. This allows the space to constantly change into new and interesting music and museum experiences. One of the objectives of the music museum is to showcase and spread the virtual reality and augmented reality of young Finnish tech-companies and offer a new way to experience music, song and dance.   

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Kuva by YIT
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